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I have made a small change to the blog. This is now a static home page. The purpose of this page is to tell you what type of blog this is. This blog is not stories about RV trips and Adventures, but rather a resourse to help people who are already Full Time RV’ers, or those that want to become Full Time RV’ers. The information is usually technical in nature, but I also delve into the psychological aspects of Full Time RV Living.

The blog was originally started as a way to support my book Full Time in an RV, and making readers aware of its contents. I am also hoping to receive comments and questions that I can use in future issues of my book.

My Book, Full Time in an RV

My Book, Full Time in an RV

The picture on the front cover of my book is a photo of our 36 ft Granville Motor Home parked on the free beach at Teacapan Mexico.

You can go to the book website by clicking on the picture of the book.