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There are many who would like to embrace the Fulltime RV Lifestyle, but the thing that seems to get in the way is paying the bills. Interestingly everyone is doing something right now that is paying the bills, and if you can do it in one place you can do it in another.

The first thing I might mention is that you may not even have to quit your job. An RV is a home on wheels, and it is not difficult to start the RV lifestyle by purchasing an RV and

Fleetwood Motor Home Interior

Modern RV's Are Great To Live In

parking it in an RV park close to where you work. You probably commute as it is right now and it would be no different to be able to commute from the RV park. Once you make this first step the rest is easy. Just think every weekend, holiday, and your vacation time can be spent traveling in your RV. You are not tied to a house, and house honey do list.

The next option is to take the skills that you have and move around the country practicing them. It could be something like a First Aid Teacher, or a Compliance Teacher. Every company has to keep their employees various certificates up to date. This is the type of job that can be done anywhere. There are also many other options where you use your present skills to become an inspector or consultant. I have met a number of people on the road who do just that.

One of the easiest ways to create an income on the road is on the internet. There are any number of pages available on the internet that show you ways in which this can be done. My wife and I use this method. I build web pages, something I learned to do over the last

Office in RV

An Office in an RV

while, and my wife does editing work, and office virtual assistant work. I have also written the book Full Time in an RV which I sell on line using my own website, Amazon, and affiliate sales. I am currently also finishing off my next book for first time buyers and renters of RV’s.

To do something like this does take some discipline, but if you think about your present job and look at the number of hours you put in, probably at least 9 or 10 per day when you add in commuting and getting ready for work. Then thinking about stopping all that and disciplining yourself to do 4 or 5 hours of work per day, with a beautiful view of a lake, a beach, or the mountains out of your window, it may not seem that bad at all.

There is something out there that fits the Full Time RV lifestyle perfectly and that is Drop Shipping. There are companies that stock all kinds of products and make them available for individuals to sell. When you sell them they ship them. You look up a drop ship company and set up an account with them. Then you pick products to sell and build web pages for them. You make the difference between what you decide to sell the product for and what the Drop ship company charges you. Making websites that sell only one product and are targeted toward a niche can be very lucrative. The products are usually very simple things like candles, or bakeware sets.

There are places on the internet like Etsy where you can sell arts and crafts. Home made arts and crafts of any quality at all can make a handsome income. People want things that are different than what their neighbors have. Things that cannot be purchased at WalMart are in demand.

Also remember that living in an RV can be much less expensive than living in a brick and mortar home. You will not need near as large an income to support it. We ourselves bought a ten year old used A Class when we started. It cost us about $30,000 and we lived in it comfortably for eleven years. That works out to less than $3,000 a year for the RV and Pad rental averaged about $500 a month when we were using it. But we were set

Living Off The Grid

Living Off The Grid

up to spend long periods off the grid so there were many months where we did not pay anything at all for pad rental.

When we started to Full Time RV it was actually to follow my job around. My living out allowance actually paid for the RV and pad rental with lots left over to spare. The beauty of this arrangement was the fact that even when I was working out of town, I could be home with my wife every evening. It was during this time that my wife started doing computer work for other people so that she had something to do during the day when I was working.

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  1. Very helpful. I also made the “big leap” into fulltime RVing back in July, and haven’t looked back since. I would agree that you can definitely work remotely, as long as you can afford the right equipment to do so. I’m currently set up in a Newmar Mountain Aire ( and it suits my wife and I fine. There is plenty of room to work without distraction and we can enjoy traveling at the same time. Great info, thanks again for sharing!

  2. Hi Bill
    My new book “Easy RV Rental Guide” is written and awaiting editing. Depending on my editors workload I hope to have it available for sale in a month or two. I will blog about it on the site when it is.
    This new book will take someone who has basically never been around an RV before to the point where they can rent or buy with confidence.

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