What Is Really Holding You Back From The Full Time RV Lifestyle?

If you ask 100 potential Full Time RV’ers this question, you would get 100 different answers. But if you do a bit of distilling you will soon come up with a reason that all of them will have in common. None of the respondents will ever realize this, but the main reason will be that it is programmed into their paradigm to stay exactly where they are.

First let me explain what a paradigm is. It is nothing more than a collection of beliefs that controls every aspect of your life. You will have paradigms about money, marriage, sex, raising children and just about everything in life. I also talked about this in my last post since I have come to understand that it is one of the major blocks that most people have to change in their lives.

So where do these paradigms come from? Well they come from our parents, teachers, television, radio and every other outside source imaginable. It is said that by the time we are 5 years old we will have acquired 80 percent of who we are going to be in life. In most cases this belief of how our life is going to be is so strong that we are trapped in its prison till we die. And the main problem with this is that most people never realize they are in this prison, and you cannot break out of a prison unless you realize you are in one.

For most people the paradigm tells them that they should have a house with a two car

Dream Or Paradigm?

Dream Or Paradigm?

garage, have two cars in that garage, a white picket fence, and 2.4 children. The bad part of this paradigm usually also includes a mortgage, a loan for the cars, and credit card debt. The paradigm is so deep that when the mortgage gets to the point where it is almost paid off, it is time for a bigger house just to get back into the larger mortgage.

If you ever try and move out of this lifestyle and do something different you will be confronted by friends and neighbors who are worried about you. They will think that since you are doing something different than them, there is something wrong with you. Most people will cave to this pressure, and thus reinforce the paradigm.

What if you could just escape and get into a different group of people who thought differently? Well this is actually the best thing that can happen to you, and in the case of the Full Time RV lifestyle, it is easy to do.

Currently there are an estimated One Million full time RV’ers. If you think slightly into your future and see yourself among them, then chances are things will start to change in your life. When you actually get among these people your paradigms will start to shift since you now have support instead of criticism. The thing that keeps paradigms in place is the fact that we keep reinforcing and empowering them. Being among people who actually do think different will start to shift your paradigm to be similar to what the people around you think.

This is a valuable piece of information to the prospective Full Time RV’er. Just by being around other Full Time RV’ers your paradigms about how your life should be lived will change. And the beauty of this is the fact that if you do it once, you will free yourself to do it again. You have broken out of the prison.

Welcome To Your New Life In An RV

Welcome To Your New Life In An RV

In our own life we experienced exactly that. When we first started to Full Time RV we had our share of detractors. But once we were fully ensconced in the RV lifestyle and around other Full Time RV’ers we soon realized that this was the life for us. We tasted freedom. Then after 11 years we wanted to take it even a step further and this time easily moved up to our new Full Time Lifestyle on a Sailboat traveling around the world. Once you change a paradigm once, the next time is much easier.

Blow those paradigms clear out of the ballpark!

Don’t Let Social Pressure And Paradigms Stop You From Full Time RV’ing

A friend has been trying to interest his girlfriend in living aboard a sailboat full time. She was getting quite interested in the prospect. Then along comes a lady who tells her that in no circumstances would she ever live on a boat, and proceeds to tell my friends girlfriend why she should not do so either.

When I hear stories like this I would at times like to turn it around and say that under no circumstances would I ever live in a house. But sometimes taking the high road is the better alternative.

Many people cannot see things any differently than they have seen them their entire lives. In other words they cannot see things outside the Box (literally). Most people have been taught all their lives that they have to have the house with the two car garage, 2.4 children, two jobs, and be visiting the shrink once a week to deal with the stress.

There is nothing, no laws, no instructions in the Bible, Koran, or any other teachings that tell us we have to live our life in a house and be doing like the Jones’es next door. But yet like a herd of animals we do exactly that. We all talk about and want to be different, but when it really comes down to it about as different as we ever get is to buy a Volvo instead of a Ford.

Why is this? The answer is simple, we are deathly afraid of what others will think of us. Amazingly this is one of the most debilitating fears than most of us will ever have to face. When my wife and I first started to Full Time we faced the same thing from friends and Family. True some of them would say good for you, but then there would be the comments about not investing in a house, or the dangers on the road. It took me a while to realize that it was them that were afraid of Full Timing and trying something different. The reason they were trying to stop us was the fact that they would look bad if we succeeded at something that they were afraid to try. They were afraid of what others would think of them (tables reversed).

This realization was liberating. It came down to the fact that the problem was theirs and not ours. This realization freed us from the herd mentality and let us start to live life on our own terms. We broke free.

Another realization that happened very quickly afterward was the fact that we were not alone in our dreams. An estimated one million Americans and Canadians now live Full Time in their R.V.’s. We soon found that we had a new group of friends that thought just the way we did, and really supported us in our endeavors.

Many people would think of Full Time RV’ers as trailer trash, but this is really not the case. Granted there are a number of this type of RV’er and almost every city has an RV park full of them, they are analogous to the slum dwellers in any city. But just like a city has premium housing also, many Full Time RV’ers are very affluent. They are starting to be referred to as the “Affluent Homeless”. These people have a lot of money in the bank, own properties, have investments and generally are well off. They are also the type of people who created this wealth by thinking outside the box. They have no trouble moving into an RV and enjoying their life.

One of the really interesting things that happened to us was the fact that the family and friends that tried to stop us at first were now asking a lot of questions and wondering how they too could start enjoying the lifestyle that we were enjoying. It is interesting that people will do something once someone else has succeeded at it. Sometimes you just have to be the first one. You have to be the leader, torpedoes be damned.

I have touched on this subject before in my blogging as well as devoting a section of my book to it. It is the one area that stops more people from breaking free and really enjoying their lives, instead of trying to be like everyone else and pretending they are having a great life.

George Bernard Shaw commonly stated that “Two percent of the people think, three percent think that they are thinking, and ninety five percent would rather die than think”. It is this ninety five percent that are your neighbors, family, and friends. These people let other people do their thinking for them, and are subsequently trapped in the same lifestyle as the people they are listening to, who usually are not thinking either.

Our RV On The Beach In Mexico

Our RV On The Beach In Mexicl

Before you listen to others about what you should be doing with their life, take a really good look at the results these people are getting in their lives. Are they successful, are they really happy, do they have everything they ever wanted and are they where they really truly want to be? If not, why are you listening to them. You are the best judge of what you really want and what is right for your life. Step into your power and we will see you on the road or maybe on a beautiful Mexican beach.

Affluent Homeless

A friend was recently talking to a university professor who studies sub cultures within a culture. When this professor started to look at the lifestyle we live he came to the realization that there is a complete sub culture of people who live Full Time in RV’s and Boats. On the spot he came up with a designation for these people as the “Affluent Homeless”.

The people in this lifestyle are the ones that have not bought into the American and Canadian Dream of the two car garage, 2.4 children, and debt to the eyeballs.

Boeing and McConnell Douglas in the U.S. commissioned a study a number of years ago that showed that the average number of pension checks that people who retire at 65

Retirement Age Vs Age of Death Graph

Retirement Age Vs Age of Death Graph

collect is 18. In other words the average life expectancy for a 65 year old retiree is 1 1/2 years or 18 months. So what happened to the American dream. You work to 65 and then you die at 66 1/2. This just does not sound like a dream to me. In doing the research for my book, this number of 18 months was confirmed by the Canada Pension Plan, and the Pension plan office of the large company in Canada where I used to work. To see one of the study results Click Here. There are many others out there.

Now the interesting part of this study also showed that people who retired at 55 lived an average 18 years or till they were 73 years old. People that retired at 45 lived to an average age of 82.

So why are they living much longer. My research showed that these younger retirees go out and do things whereas people who retire at 65 tend to become sedentary. Once you get in the habit of doing something, chances are you will keep doing it.

One of the great things to do is to become a Full Time RV’er. Full Time RV’ers on the whole really are the “Affluent Homeless”. Since they usually do not have the huge upkeep costs of homes, mortgages, two cars, property taxes, power bills, water and sewer bills, they quickly find themselves in a much better position financially.

People who would normally not see themselves retiring till 65 suddenly see a way where they can retire early and really enjoy the American dream  for a greater number of years.

But to really benefit you do have to retire early. Part of the research I did showed that people who did want to retire at 65 and do something like Full Time RV did actually buy the RV, but then since they were so accustomed to a certain routine, they ended up using it for 3 or 4 weeks and then parked it for the rest of the year. Their habitual way of living told them that a vacation was 3 or 4 weeks long and that was it. If you really do want to form a new habit for your retirement years you do have to start younger.  It is for the above reason that you can find so many good deals on very low mileage RV’s only a few years old. The people had the dream but their conditioning and age stopped them from doing it.

The interesting part is that people who start RV’ing earlier will continue driving and enjoying the lifestyle many years after they turn 65. The key is starting early.

Many people would say “But I cannot Afford to retire early”. My question is can you afford not to. If you really take a close look at what you are actually living on after you pay all your bills, taxes, mortgage, car payments, and everything else, and I mean really study it, you will probably find out you live on a few hundred dollars a month. Now if you can sell your home, one of your cars, and just about everything else and then buy a good used RV for 50 or 60 thousand, 100 thousand for a really nice used RV. What would you have left

Our New Home The Day We Purchased It

Our New Home The Day We Purchased It

to live on then. We purchased our 36 foot A class RV for $30,000 and lived in it comfortably for 11 years. That works out to less than $3000 per year. RV parks when we actually used them were about $500 a month. But there are many that are much more reasonable especially well away from major

Modern RV By Fleetwood. You Can Easily Find Units Like This Used. But They Are Also Quite Reasonable New

Modern RV By Fleetwood. You Can Easily Find Units Like This Used. But They Are Also Quite Reasonable New

cities. I have a friend in Canada who pays over $5000 a year just in property taxes on his couple of acres of property.

Knowing the numbers I retired from my job at 55. I was able to take a reduced pension that still allows me to live comfortably in a Full Time Lifestyle. My wife and I also have a business set up on the internet and I sell my “Full Time in an RV” Book. This extra money is just icing on the cake. In some of my previous posts you will see information on how you too could make money on the road.

Just because all your neighbors and friends are trapped in their vision of the American dream, does not mean you have to be. People will try and dissuade you from doing something like Full Time RV’ing. But let them do it their way and die at 66 1/2 while you go on really enjoying your life for many years. Always remember that the main reason that someone will try and dissuade you from doing something like Full Time RV is the fact that they are afraid to change their lifestyle and do not want to look bad since you are not afraid to change yours.

Don’t just take my word for it. There are many websites, and blogs about this lifestyle that give you a lot of information about how nice it really is as well as ideas of how they were able to afford to do it if they did not have a house to sell or a pension to support them. There is also a lot of information in my book “Full Time in an RV” on how to accomplish this lifestyle and how to calculate the costs.

As you may know from earlier blog posts our current RV is a Sailboat. Once the mobile lifestyle catches hold of you, you will find that you will never want to go back and you will try different versions of it also. It may be difficult to convince someone to give up the American Lifestyle and try something like Full Time RV Living, but believe me it is almost impossible to convince them to go back to the Brick and Mortar lifestyle once they embrace the Full Time Mobile lifestyle.

See you on the Road.

An RV Income Opportunity

Look for something and it comes to you, usually in buckets. The problem is most people are not looking for anything.

We have been watching for more income opportunities to share with our readers, and one just fell into our lap that is custom made for the Full Time RV fraternity. I have actually watched this in action and can swear that it works.

While we had our sailboat in La Paz Mexico we ran into a fellow named David who invented something called the Glide Cycle. The way this came about is the fact that David was an avid runner and sports enthusiast who started to have a lot of trouble with his knees like a lot of baby boomers do. Well as it turned out his doctor told him that he would never run again, and that he would probably have to have knee replacement surgery.

Well not being the complacent type, he decided that these options just did not work for him. He set out to discover a way to continue running and also avoid knee surgery. What he invented was called the Glide Cycle. The Glide Cycle is an arch type frame with a couple of wheels set up a little bit similar to a Bicycle but with no bars between the legs, and no pedals. The unit supports any percentage or your weight that you set it for and allows you to run.

What David quickly discovered was the fact that almost anyone could use it. Amputees could run again, as well as obese people and people with a number of major medical conditions. In fact a number of orthopedic and medical professionals are now recommending the Glide Cycle and its cousin the Glide Track to their patients.

David (The Inventor) Showing my Wife Marilyn How to Adjust The Glide Cycle

David (The Inventor) Showing my Wife Marilyn How to Adjust The Glide Cycle

But the key to all this was the fact that even healthy people loved the Glide Cycle and he started to sell a large number of them to healthy people who wanted to do something new and different in the way of sports. He personally sold about a quarter million dollars worth of them just riding around Ashland Oregon where his factory is. This lead to the idea of having distributors buy a Glide Cycle and then just riding them around to advertise and sell them. As I said I saw this in action here in La Paz. We were walking along side him as he was just strolling in the Glide Cycle. We could not go more than a few hundred feet and someone would stop him and ask questions. In the first week he had it with him here in La’s Paz he sold 5 of them, and that was just by going out running with it in the mornings. So we know the business model works.

My wife and I have now gone on board with David’s company and are setting up an

Marilyn. Normally a Non Runner. Look At The Smile On Her Face

Marilyn. Normally a Non Runner. Look At The Smile On Her Face

affiliate marketing system. It is going to be set up in a couple of tiers. First of all is the typical affiliate system you find on the internet. It will not cost anything to join, and anything that you sell on your website will give you a commission. But the real money maker is having a bike and riding it around and letting people stop you to take orders. In the case as above, 5 bikes will give you about $1500. in commissions.

The idea is that the affiliate will do the sales and training, and Glide Cycle does the shipping. You will not have to handle inventory. The business would be set up similar to a standard drop shipping company.

Now for an RV’er this is great. Their entire business expense would involve buying oneself a Glide Cycle, or one each for themselves and their Partner, they would also need a computer and some way to connect to the internet. That is about it. We would take care of training you at no cost to you, and even this part is easy as it involves mostly watching some videos and learning how to adjust the unit for different riders. I have also had some professional sales training and can help with giving some training in that area. David said that even larger numbers of people stopped them when he was riding together with his partner Cindy. So having two Glide Cycles and riding together is advantageous.

You can see the Glide Cycle in Action at www.glidecycle.com. We will have the Glide Cycle affiliate website running very soon also. But for now if you are interested in joining us, just email my wife Marilyn  at marilyn@glidecycle.com

A Glide Cycle snaps apart and fits into a bag a little larger than a suitcase. So it is even easier to carry along on or in the RV than a bicycle is. It can be taken apart or reassembled in a couple of minutes. It is also easily carried along on an airplane as baggage.

David has the Glide Cycle fully patented so there is no worry of cheap Asian knockoffs flooding the market. He is also trying to keep a large percentage of the manufacturing in North America.

The Glide Cycle is looking to be the next Skate Board Phenomenon. Everyone that sees it wants one. And if you watch some of the testimonials from people in the videos on the website and the Glide Cycle Youtube channel you will see that this is not a passing fad. Peoples lives have been changed. I personally watched a stroke victim get on and run, although his normal walk was quite labored. David just received an email from a very obese woman who was telling him that she could not even walk before and was now doing 3 miles a day on the Glide Cycle. She was also going along with her grand children for walks.

So I know there is a business opportunity for RV’ers here. Imagine paying for your entire lifestyle just by getting out your Glide Cycle in the various places that you stop at and then taking orders. When you see the Glide Cycle in action on the web site you will understand the curiosity.


Working From Your RV

There are many who would like to embrace the Fulltime RV Lifestyle, but the thing that seems to get in the way is paying the bills. Interestingly everyone is doing something right now that is paying the bills, and if you can do it in one place you can do it in another.

The first thing I might mention is that you may not even have to quit your job. An RV is a home on wheels, and it is not difficult to start the RV lifestyle by purchasing an RV and

Fleetwood Motor Home Interior

Modern RV's Are Great To Live In

parking it in an RV park close to where you work. You probably commute as it is right now and it would be no different to be able to commute from the RV park. Once you make this first step the rest is easy. Just think every weekend, holiday, and your vacation time can be spent traveling in your RV. You are not tied to a house, and house honey do list.

The next option is to take the skills that you have and move around the country practicing them. It could be something like a First Aid Teacher, or a Compliance Teacher. Every company has to keep their employees various certificates up to date. This is the type of job that can be done anywhere. There are also many other options where you use your present skills to become an inspector or consultant. I have met a number of people on the road who do just that.

One of the easiest ways to create an income on the road is on the internet. There are any number of pages available on the internet that show you ways in which this can be done. My wife and I use this method. I build web pages, something I learned to do over the last

Office in RV

An Office in an RV

while, and my wife does editing work, and office virtual assistant work. I have also written the book Full Time in an RV which I sell on line using my own website, Amazon, and affiliate sales. I am currently also finishing off my next book for first time buyers and renters of RV’s.

To do something like this does take some discipline, but if you think about your present job and look at the number of hours you put in, probably at least 9 or 10 per day when you add in commuting and getting ready for work. Then thinking about stopping all that and disciplining yourself to do 4 or 5 hours of work per day, with a beautiful view of a lake, a beach, or the mountains out of your window, it may not seem that bad at all.

There is something out there that fits the Full Time RV lifestyle perfectly and that is Drop Shipping. There are companies that stock all kinds of products and make them available for individuals to sell. When you sell them they ship them. You look up a drop ship company and set up an account with them. Then you pick products to sell and build web pages for them. You make the difference between what you decide to sell the product for and what the Drop ship company charges you. Making websites that sell only one product and are targeted toward a niche can be very lucrative. The products are usually very simple things like candles, or bakeware sets.

There are places on the internet like Etsy where you can sell arts and crafts. Home made arts and crafts of any quality at all can make a handsome income. People want things that are different than what their neighbors have. Things that cannot be purchased at WalMart are in demand.

Also remember that living in an RV can be much less expensive than living in a brick and mortar home. You will not need near as large an income to support it. We ourselves bought a ten year old used A Class when we started. It cost us about $30,000 and we lived in it comfortably for eleven years. That works out to less than $3,000 a year for the RV and Pad rental averaged about $500 a month when we were using it. But we were set

Living Off The Grid

Living Off The Grid

up to spend long periods off the grid so there were many months where we did not pay anything at all for pad rental.

When we started to Full Time RV it was actually to follow my job around. My living out allowance actually paid for the RV and pad rental with lots left over to spare. The beauty of this arrangement was the fact that even when I was working out of town, I could be home with my wife every evening. It was during this time that my wife started doing computer work for other people so that she had something to do during the day when I was working.

Is Mexico Safe For RV’ers?

Is Mexico Safe for RV’ers is a question that just does not seem to want to go away. People are listening to the stories they hear on the news and they think it applies to everyone traveling south of the Mexican border.

We have now been in Mexico almost continuously for a year, with only about a week out of the country to do our taxes in Canada and get new visas. Before that we have probably put in another year in the form of 1 to 3 month RV visits. We have never had a problem, and have never met a person who had a problem, or even heard about a problem.

The killing that is going on in Mexico is mostly between the drug lords, as they fight for their share of the drug trade. There is also quite a bit of fighting between the drug lords and the government, in the form of the police and military.

There are at any one time approximately one million Americans in Mexico. Many of them living there. There are also at best guess a couple hundred thousand Canadians. You know that if an American or Canadian gets killed in Mexico, it becomes headline news. Be honest, how often do you actually hear of an American or Canadian actually getting killed in Mexico. Consider that for one million drivers in the U.S., 125 will die in a given year. 50,000 thousand total in the U.S. per year. And that is for an activity that the average person only does for about an half an hour per day. If 125 Americans died per year because they were in Mexico, there would be outrage. The number is closer to 5 per year, and those are usually involved in the drug trade in some way.

A Mexican citizen told me the drug lords consider the tourists as customers. In fact a lot of drug money gets laundered by building resorts. This same citizen told me that if a Mexican does something to a tourist, he had better hope that if he gets caught that it is the police that catch him and not the drug lords. With the later he will never be seen again.

True their are places in Mexico that are better avoided such as Ciudad Juarez. But the biggest danger there is getting caught in the cross fire. Consider Canada, it is viewed as one of the safest countries on earth to travel in, yet just a short time ago there was a gun fight between two gangs on a main Vancouver street, where ten gang members where shot. And in the smaller city of Abbotsford where I grew up a recent gang war resulted in over 700 shots getting fired. This happens everywhere. The truth is that if you considered all of North America from Canada to Panama, probably some of the most dangerous places to travel would be American cities like East Oakland California, Chicago, Washington D.C. and even Philadelphia.

The following is an Except from Lectronic Latitude, the blog connected with Latitude 38 Magazine. This is a magazine for boaters out of San Francisco.

“Here’s something you may want to ponder. Juarez has the highest murder rate in Mexico, yet it’s lower than that of tiny St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgins — “America’s Paradise” — where all the cruise ships pull in. Curious that you never see that reported in USA Today, isn’t it?”

At the moment the economy in the U.S. is making it difficult for Americans to spend time in their RV’s. So why not head south of the border to Mexico where the prices are great, there is lots of sunshine, and the people are friendly.

Always remember that the news papers and TV news shows are there to make money. So if they can sensationalize something they will.

George Bernard Shaw said: ~ “Two percent of the people Think. Three percent of the people Think that they Think. And Ninety Five percent would rather die than think”.

The ninety five percent let other people and the media do their thinking for them. If you are really thinking you would be asking “Show me the murdered tourists in Mexico”.

Word From Canada re Our Book

I just received an email from Rae Crothers my co author of Full-Time RVing in Canada. She has told me that she has just done an interview with the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, and is scheduled to do two radio interviews. Then next Thursday she is going to be interviewed by Global TV. This is all in lead up to the Early Bird RV show that happens in Abbotsford British Columbia next weekend Feb 3 to 6.

So this morning I volunteered to fly up to B.C. and help her if she needed my help. I am waiting to see what she says.

Full-Time RVing in Canada
Full-Time RVing in Canada

To see what all the excitement is about just visit our book  WEBSITE

Full-Time RVing in Canada is Now Available For Sale

Full-Time RVing in Canada Cover

Full-Time RVing in Canada

The Full-Time RVing in Canada site has gone live.

Full-Time RVing in Canada is now available for sale. This comprehensive guide shows you what you need to know to be a Canadian Full Timer. Health Care, Taxes, Voting and Province of Residency are some of the topics that are discussed. Then the rest of the book is devoted to the how to, where to, what type of rig, along with a lot of the technical information that you need to know.

There is a free download on the site that will give you an excerpt from the book along with the covers and table of contents.

To get your copy just visit Full-Time Rving in Canada now.

New Book Full Time RVing in Canada

Well it is hot off the press, our new book Full Time RVing  in Canada will be available  January the 8th in PDF version. And on January 15th in Kindle and epub versions.  This new book is a collaboration between Rae Crothers of the “Travels with Miranda” blog site fame, and myself. This book contains both the material from my original book “Full Time in an RV”, and Rae’s material specific to Canada including Health Care, Voting, Province of Residency, and Taxes.

You can take a sneak peak at the new book at http://full-time-rving-in-canada.ca/?cat=5

More Communications Options for the Full Time RV’er

Recent changes in cell phone technology are making it easier and more efficient to communicate while you are on the road full time in your RV. Over the last couple of years a number of the cell phone companies have been upgrading to new technology that is referred to as 3G. Some of them have also already upgraded to 3.5G and 4G is on the near horizon if not already implemented in some areas.

What this means to the Full Time RV’er is very high speed internet almost everywhere. I have read articles that claim up to 25 megabit download speeds, which is 5 or 6 times faster than high end DSL. It is also much faster than cable, since cable sometimes claims speeds up to 10 or 15 megabit, but most of my friends who actually have cable internet say they have never seen these speeds. It is usually slower than DSL.

I am currently in Mexico, and have purchased the Mexican version of an internet stick. I am sitting in an my sailboat in an anchorage on the west side of the Baja near a town of a couple of thousand people. Yet I still have good internet service via the internet stick. Here in Mexico you can purchase the internet stick for about $50 dollars U.S. and it comes with 3 gigabytes of internet access. Additional blocks of 3 gigabytes cost about $30 dollars U.S. About the only way that I will use more than 3 gigabytes in a month of use, would be if I started downloading movies, or a lot of music, so for most people 3 gigabytes is about all you would ever need.

I do not have current pricing for Canada and the U.S. but the latest figures that I did have were about $50 to $60 dollars for 3 gigabytes. There are also other plans available with more or less gigabytes per month.

One of the problems in the U.S. and Canada is the fact that they usually want you to sign a contract of some type to get your internet stick for free. It is usually better just to buy the thing and then pay monthly for the service that you require. Another option is to buy an unlocked internet stick on ebay and then just get a simm card for it from you favorite cell provider. On ebay just type “3G modem” into the search line. An unlocked 3G internet stick can be used in many countries around the world. You just have to buy a local simm card in the country you are visiting. This save you from spending a fortune in roaming fees.

Be aware though that not all cell companies provide 3G service. Before you buy an internet stick you may want to inquire if your favorite cell company does provide it. Some cell companies are still using EVDO, and while this is quite fast, it is not as fast as 3G. If your company uses EVDO, you will need to get an EVDO internet stick.

If you do buy an internet stick, it is also a good idea to buy the longest “High Quality” USB extension cable that you can find. This is so that you can put the internet stick out doors, or even on the roof of your RV if you happen to be in a remote area with weak cell signal. Some internet sticks come with a short USB cable and a stand to allow you to set the stick vertically and move it around. Since most cell phone signals are vertically polarized, you will get better results if the internet stick is also vertical. If your extension cable does not work, it may not be of high enough quality.

Internet Stick and Quad Band Unlocked SciPhone

Internet Stick and Quad Band Unlocked SciPhone

Another communications option for the full time RV’er is something called an Unlocked Quad Band Cell Phone. You can purchase these on Ebay, and then get a simm card from a cell provider in your area that gives you a local phone number along with credit for long distance and airtime.

The beauty of these phones is the fact that you can use it all over the world to get a local phone number for the country that you are in. That way if someone wants to call you they are paying the long distance charges, and you do not get stuck with a huge roaming bill. I have purchased a Quad Band Phone called a SciPhone. It is almost an exact copy of an Iphone, and most of the Iphone apps work in it. They also have their own app store.

The SciPhone cost me about $80. dollars delivered. Here in Mexico it cost me 150 pesos or about $12. to get set up with a local telephone number and some minutes to start with. Now I can go to any reseller in Mexico to buy extra minutes for my phone. About the only downside is the fact that everytime you travel to a new country and get a new telephone number you have to email your new number to all your friends.

If you want one of these phones just type “Unlocked Quad Band Cell Phone” into the search bar on Ebay. Then just look for one that is GSM and/or 3G compatible. Almost all brands of phones are represented, and you are sure to find one that will suit your needs.

Another type of Full Time RV

As most of my readers will have noticed, I have been conspicuous by my absence. My life has changed completely in the last while. No I have not moved away from full time RVing, it is just that the type of RV has changed drastically.

Our Sailboat

Our Current 36 Ft RV

A few months ago I retired from my full time job. Next we liquidated almost everything that we had, which included giving away our van, car, and motor home. The final step involved moving a few more keepsakes into the storage space, and moving onto our sailboat full time.

There was a period of  about a month or two of mad scrambling where we worked like crazy to get all our last minute things done on the boat, and to get everything squared away with our business affairs.

When this was all done we did a test sail, or shakedown cruise to the Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) of British Columbia. The purpose of this cruise was to check out all the new systems that we had installed on the boat, which included a water maker, solar panels, windmill, ham radio, ssb radio, a pactor email system, wind vane steering and numerous other systems.

When we returned to Vancouver we fixed up the few problems that we did find, and then prepared to head south towards the tropics. The final event was a send off party on the docks for our family and friends.

We ran into some of the same things as when we first started full time RV’ing in a motor home. People come up with all kinds of reasons why you should not go. Our kids were quite upset with our going. But we ended up showing them that they would spend less money coming to visit us in Mexico, then they actually spent driving out from Alberta, and spending time in Hotels on the way down. And former experience has shown us that we actually see more of our kids when we are in an exotic location than we do when we are close to them.

As I have discussed in other posts, retiring and then sitting around is a death sentence. I want to keep going, and have things to do that interest me.

So now the RV has changed. We are on the water instead of on pavement. We can go anywhere in the world instead of being restricted to north America. It is just an expansion of the lifestyle.

I never want to be accused of being one of those who lived their entire life trying to make it safely to death. I am living life.

Join Me!

We have started a blog about our sailing adventure. It can be found at www.shamanchronicles.com

Anyone Can Full Time RV

Over the years that we have been RV’ing we have had any number of people who are naysayers. They will give you 101 reasons you should not be doing what you are doing. As I have mentioned in earlier posts this is because they are terrified to try and do what you are doing themselves, so will try anything they can to stop you so that they will not look bad.

I was just reading Rae’s blog, and noticed that she referenced another blog which mentions her. I went to read this blog, and found a poster who writes after my own heart. He says exactly what I do, and that is not to let others determine what your life is going to be like. His blog is called goin’ RV Boondocking

One of my favorite quotes says that “I do not want to get to the end of my life only to realize that I have lived someone Else’s version of it”.  Author unknown

As I have stated before, our forefathers crossed the plains in covered wagons to places that had no stores, doctors, churches, or any other amenities. Now a days we are afraid to cross the street. What happened?

Well my best guess is that we are being swayed by well meaning but ignorant people who are trying to “protect us”. The trouble is we are listening.

I went through a lot of this same stuff when I was first starting into the Full Time RV Lifestyle, and am now getting it again since I am getting ready to head out Full Time on our sailboat to see the world.

I have come to the place where I have to tell them, that I appreciate their concerns, but this is my life, let me live it as I please. Then I tell them that driving a car is about the most dangerous thing that a person can do it their life time. So I will let them drive their cars, and I will do something safe like Full Time RV or Sail my boat around the world.

I Wish I Could Full Time RV Like You Are Doing.

I wish I could do what you are doing. This is a statement that I hear regularly. Well I am the wrong person to be saying that to. As you may have read in my other posts, I am also a certified Life Success coach with Bob Proctors organization LifeSuccess. Every person that says that they would like to Full Time RV is perfectly capable of doing exactly what I am doing. It is their conditioning or Paradigms that keep them from doing it. From childhood most people have been taught that you have to work hard, buy a house, have 2.5 kids and retire at 65. I say bullshit. That is just stuff that is programmed into your head before you are 6 years old. There is no reason you cannot do things differently. An estimated one million people are already living the Full Time RV Life of their dreams, and I am one of them. I started out dead broke, basically thousands of dollars in debt and I managed it. Most people have at least some equity in a house or other property that they can use to start their RV lifestyle. You do not have to quit your job yet or even ever. All you are doing is moving into a new style of house. A house that has wheels, and from which the view out the windows can be changed whenever the mood to do so strikes you.

You can even keep you old house and rent it out so that you have an extra income to support your RV Lifestyle.

If you have a business or job that can be done over the internet, there are a number of options available today that allow you to have internet access almost anywhere. You can run you business or do your job from beside a beautiful fly fishing lake in Canada, or on a beach in Mexico.

As a Life Coach I try and show people that they are living in a prison that is based on their conditioning, beliefs and paradigms. You cannot escape from a prison if you do not know you are in one.

Peoples own beliefs are just one prison that people do not recognize. The other is what will my friends and relatives think. I went through this also, and you know what, the same people that told me I was crazy at the beginning are the ones that are now wishing they could Full Time RV just like I do. I did not let the prison of other peoples phobias hold me back.

I am now hearing the same things again about my sailing my boat around the world. But I know that within a few years these same people will be wishing that they could sail around the world just like I am doing. I know that for most of these people their paradigms will keep them in the “normal” lifestyle where they will retire at 65 and die at 66 and 1/2.

For people like me who coach we know the statistics say that only about 2% of the people will break out of their conditioning or paradigms. Well if I can help even one of my readers break out of the prison of their own mind, I will be very happy.

A New Full Time in an RV Website is on the Way

As many of you know this blog is in support of my book website, www.fulltimeinanrv.com where I have my book for sale. The site has been doing excellent as far as hits and time on site are concerned, but my conversions have been dismal to say the least. I get about 25 % of all the searches for Full Time RV and I get an average time on site of close to 2 minutes. Many internet marketers would kill to get that type of figures.

But I am a writer and not a marketer so the number of sales that I have been getting are no where near in line with the number of visitors I am getting. So I have handed over the website to my son in law who has a lot more expertise in this area than I do.

It is sales that allow me to go on and provide the book and the material in this blog.

I have been told by a number of readers that my book material is excellent, about the only complaint I have had is that my grammar could be a bit better. Well that part is at the bottom of the list for me since I am more of a technical type person. I prefer to give good information, and worry about grammar second. But with that being said I will have others go over the book and ensure that how I say it is going to be as good as what I am saying.

I also hope to have print on demand books available soon. If you really want a printed copy of the book, a file will be forwarded to a print on demand facility near where you live, and you will get a printed book in the mail.

It is actually quite easy to buy the PDF from me  and then forward that to a print on demand facility of your own choosing to get the same results.

Keep an eye on the Full Time in an RV site, and you should be seeing big changes in the next couple of months.

I also hope to have an affiliate system set up on the new site, allowing you to sell my books at a handsome profit. You may be a much better marketer than I am, and have much better results.


Continuing in the Full Time RV Lifestyle.

As some of my followers will have noticed, I have not been very active in the last couple of months. I have had a number of things keeping me very busy.

We did a six week trip to Mexico, and are now back. But since I have been back I have been getting ready for retirement which is only about three months away.

As some of you may be aware of my wife and I are switching to a new form or Full Time RV’ing when I retire. What we are going to do is move onto our 36 foot sailboat, and sail her around the world over the next 10 years or so.

I have been shopping for some of the final items that I need for our sailboat such as a radar, water maker, and wind vane steering.

This stage in our lives is just as exciting as when we made our decision to become Full Time Land RV’ers. Believe me this transient lifestyle is a lifestyle that grows on you and will not let you go when it has fully gotten its claws into you.

If you go back thousands of years you will discover that man evolved as a nomadic being. It was only when the populations of humans became large that mankind settled into a stationary lifestyle. But I do not believe that hundreds of thousands of years of evolution can be bred out of the human race so quickly. I found that when I started the mobile lifestyle, I could not get enough of it. Hence the switch to a sailboat to travel around the world.

As I noted a sailboat is just another RV. It just expands the horizons even more. When you start your RV lifestyle you will begin to appreciate what I am talking about. There is always another place to discover and explore. There are always new people to befriend, and new humanitarian projects to get involved in. Life is an adventure to be lived.

I do not want to get to the end of my life and say to myself, “Man that was Boring.” But rather I want to say “Man What a Trip.” I also do not want to get to the end of my life only to discover that I have lived someone Else’s version of it.

On our family website we have a saying that is partly a quote from Mark Twain, and partly my interpretation of it. The quote says.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the ones you did.”

Mark Twain

Our Translation of this is:

Twenty years from now when you are sitting in that retirement home, what are you going to remember about your life?

Will it be the houses, cars, and things you have owned,

or will it be the the places you have been, the people you have met and the things you have done?

Really think about this.

Our Other RV

Our Other RV

RV Road Safety in Mexico.

Each year that we have traveled to Mexico and back, we have noticed traffic accidents. Now the first thing the reader will think is that we are talking about in Mexico. But that is not the case. On every trip to Mexico and back we have seen more accidents in the USA than we have in Mexico. In most cases we never saw any accidents in Mexico while we saw a number in the USA. The interesting part of this is the fact that we usually only spend about 3 or 4 days each way traveling through the USA but have spent as much as 3 months in Mexico.

In Mexico we do travel around a lot, it is not as if we are sitting still in one place and never see traffic.

On this last trip, we were only in Mexico for 5 weeks total. But we never saw any accidents at all. But on the trip down, and the trip back we probably saw at least a dozen. About 7 or 8 of these the vehicles being recovered looked so bad that we wondered if the people survived.

Now the reason that I am saying all this is that I have hear the objection a number of times that people are afraid of driving in Mexico due to the way Mexicans drive. But by my personal observations, an RV’er will be safer on a Mexican road than on a US road.

Now I am not saying that the Mexicans are not a bit crazy in their driving habits. The thing seems to be that they are so good at being crazy drivers that they seldom actually get into accidents. Where as we in Canada and the US have so much faith in our roads, and cars that we very seldom really become great drivers. We talk on our cell phones, talk to our passengers, look at the scenery, and just about everything else except keep our full attention on the road. Hence we have a lot more accidents.

In the USA and Canada we loose an estimated 50,ooo people a year to traffic associated accidents, and injure another 2,000,000. This is all for an activity that the average person only spends about 1/2 hour per day at.

Another good point to consider is the fact that people are afraid to travel in Mexico, because of being killed in some kind of violence. But consider this. There are about 5 million tourists that enter Mexico in a given year. About 5 get killed in some kind of Violence. (This number is much lower than tourists to the USA by the way.)

The average tourist spends about 8 days or 200 hours in Mexico.

Now compare this to drivers, where the average driver drives for about 1/2 hour per day, or close to 200 hours per year. About the same amount of time as an average vacation to Mexico.

Out of 5 million drivers about 700 will be killed and 30,000 will be hurt. The part of this I do not understand is that people will jump in their cars, speed, run yellow lights, pass on corners, and many other unsafe practices, many times with their children in their cars. Yet these same people will quake in their boots when travel to Mexico is mentioned.

Personally I would take the activity which is 140 times safer than driving, and that is traveling to Mexico.

For the full time RV’er Mexico is fantastic. The people treat you like gold, the prices are good. The main roads are in fantastic shape, and there does not seem to be near as many accidents. To me this is a no brainer.

See you in Mexico.

Escaping to Mexico in Your RV

As I was sitting here starting to type this post, a couple walked by in front of my bungalow in La Cruz Mexico. He was wearing shorts, and she was wearing a bikini. I myself am wearing shorts.

Yesterday I talked to a friend in San Francisco, and she told me that they were preparing for a week of storms and rain. Other people have told us about cold temperatures in the Southern USA and Florida.

All this tells me that there will be a lot of people wanting to get their RV some place warm.

If you are a full time RV’er then now is the ideal time to come to Mexico. Many of the RV parks are almost empty this year. The US dollar is at about 13 Pesos. And with the lack of tourists due to the so called recession, there are deals to be had everywhere.

If you are new at this you really do not have to worry. You can cross the border at Nogales and within about 4 hours be ensconced in an RV park in San Carlos. This is the Mexican RV gateway. Here you will find other RV’ers that are either just learning, or experienced Full Time RV’ers that will help you to learn the ropes.

The highway from the border to San Carlos is in excellent shape, with the only hitch being that you have to drive through Hermosillo. But the roads through the city are in great shape and are easily traversed with an RV. About the only thing to be aware of is that you know the names of the upcoming cities so that you will able to recognize the direction signs. There are 2 places in Hermosillo where you have to turn left, so it is prudent to try and stay in the left lane whenever possible.

There is a Costco store in Hermosillo, so if you need a place to stock up on food and liquor you can do it here. There are directions on the Costco website to get to the store.

As you travel south from San Carlos there will be a few more towns that you have to go through, but most of them are easy to navigate. As before just be aware of the names of the town further down the road. This would be exactly the same as driving into San Francisco from the north, and know that you have to watch for signs to Los Angeles and San Diego. Having a good map book like the Guia Roji (Red Guide) available from Amazon is a good idea.

Tolls and Gasoline are both paid cash in Mexico. For the tolls it is a good idea to have money ready, it does not have to be exact change, but you do not want to be sitting there holding up a line of other vehicles. The toll amounts are always marked just before the toll booths, so you know how much you will have to have ready.

Gasoline is always full serve. When buying gas, get out of the rig and watch what is happening at the pump. This is one area in Mexico where you will still find petty theft. Count your money into the attendants hand so they cannot claim that you short changed them. It is also common to tip the attendants. I usually tip 10 pesos (about 80 cents) For a large RV you may want to tip some more.

If you go into any of the large Mexican grocery stores you will find kids and disabled people bagging your groceries. These people are not paid. They are also usually tipped. The going rate is about 1 peso (8 cents) per bag.

Bartering is not commonly found anymore, except for in the village markets and tourist markets. But so many tourists have been paying whatever the vendor asks the first time around that the prices in tourist markets have gone through the roof. A short while ago a vendor tried to sell me 8 blown glass drinking glasses for $100 US. I found them later in the Wal Mart down the street for about $2. US each or a total of $16 dollars. Much later on yet we found a Mexican Restaurant Supply wholesaler who agreed to sell to us. We ended up buying a large box full of the same type of blown glass for about $40 US. So unless you really want to practice your bargaining, stay out of the tourist markets, and buy where the locals shop.

Most of these things are a learning experience. But the other experienced RV’ers that you meet will usually gladly take you by the hand and show you how it is done. They will show you where the American style stores are if you are uncomfortable with the Mexican markets. They will give you directions and suggestions. And in many cases you can find someone to buddy with who is going in the same direction as you.

So take the plunge, Turn south at Tuscon and find the jewel that many other RV’ers have already found.

Mexico for the Full Time RV’er

Over the last month or so I have been quite tied up getting some more Personal Development training, and preparing for a trip to Mexico. Hence I have not been able to do much about updating my blog. But now we are comfortably settled in Mexico for a month, and the company that was with us for a week has left. This will allow me to get back into doing some more blogging, and other writing.

We did not take the RV down with us this time since I only had about 6 weeks total to do this trip. Instead we took down our 4 wheel drive Mazda van so we could make some really good time getting here.

We have rented a bungalow in La Cruz which is on the south side of the bay of Banderis, and overlooks all of Bucerais and Puerto Vallarta. We have a million dollar view from here for about $25. per day.

View of Puerto Vallarta From Our Bungalow

View of Puerto Vallarta From Our Bungalow

The property we are on has about 6 RV spots also available, but they are all empty right now. You can see them in the bottom right of the photo. We also checked a number of the RV parks on the way down, and most of them were either empty, or only had a few RV’s in them.

For an RV’er a holiday in Mexico would be a real bargain right now. To give you a bit of perspective, it cost us $450 in fuel for our 20 mile per gallon vehicle to get here all the way from Vancouver British Columbia. In a 10 mile per gallon RV it would cost less than $1000. But most RV’ers would not have to come near as far.

Mexican Insurance for 6 months cost us $89. and in most cases you can get a rebate from your US or Canadian insurance provider for the time that you were in Mexico, and they were not covering you. The rebate is usually much more than the Mexican insurance cost you in the first place.

The only other real expense will be highway tolls, but that only works out to a couple of hundred dollars total for the round trip.

RV park prices are all over the map, but except for in the big cities are much more reasonable than in the US or Canada. Monthly rates of $300 or less are common away from the big cities. You usually are still more than close enough to go the the big cities to visit the Costco, Sam’s Club, or WalMart.

For the first timer traveling to Mexico in an RV it may be a bit daunting, but rest assured it is very safe. In fact it is statistically much safer than the USA and actually even Canada. Right now the USA is on the list of some of the most dangerous countries in the world to travel in.

If you are a first time RV’er I would recommend crossing at Nogales Arizona and taking the freeway down towards Mazatalan and Puerto Vallarta. Get a good map such as the Guia Roji which is available at amazon, and a copy of Mike and Terry Church’s book “Mexican Camping” which lists all the RV parks in Mexico along with directions to get there.

Cross at the truck crossing at Nogales and proceed south about 12 miles to the customs and immigration center. Here you will have to get a temporary import permit for any vehicles you are bringing into Mexico. You will have to leave a credit card imprint for any vehicle you bring in. Also one person cannot bring in two vehicles. If you are bringing in a Motor Home towing a car, each vehicle has to be in a different name, and the person who’s name is on the registration has to be present, with a credit card with their name on it. The name on the credit card has to match the name on the registration. This rule does not apply to motorcyles and quads that are under 250 cc.

The reason you leave a credit card impression is that if you do not get the vehicle out of Mexico within 6 months your credit card will be charged with import duty for the vehicle. You do not have to worry though since you will be given a receipt when you return out of Mexico to prove that you have taken the vehicle out of the country.

You will also have to have about 250 Mexican Pesos per person with you to pay for your tourist visas at this time. You can buy Mexican pesos in Nogales USA or you can go into Nogales Mexico and get Pesos from almost any bank machine. This is the best way to get money in Mexico since you will be getting the bank rate for that day, and not getting charged a commission by a money exchange. Do not even bother with travelers checks  since they are a real pain to cash in Mexico. Get enough cash to pay for your diesel or gas at gas stations, since most do not take credit cards.

I have gone into quite a bit more detail on what you need to know to enter Mexico in my book “Full Time in an RV“. To try and put down all that information here would make the post too long. There are also other good guides for entering and traveling in Mexico. Among them Mike and Terry’s book Mexican Camping which I have already mentioned, and also the website “On The Road In

So if you have not done so before, take the plunge. The people are great, the roads are good, there are many good RV parks, and your money is worth a lot here right now.


Loving the Full Time RV Lifestyle

As this thread about what kind of rig do I need continues, I will give you a bit of our own story. When we bought our rig, slide-outs where almost unheard of. So we ended up buying a standard 36 ft gas powered Class A motor home. There were diesel units available but we could not find anything that we liked the inside of. It’s true that the diesel may have more power, and get you to that next location quicker, it is not the diesel that makes your life more comfortable when you get there.

We bought our rig because of how it was laid out inside, and how it looked. We wanted to be comfortable. We wanted to be able to sit and look at the scenery from inside our rig without having to strain to look out a window. We wanted room for our stuff, especially my tools. And one really important thing was the fact that my wife and I like to sit in bed in the morning, have a cup or two of coffee, and plan our days. We call these times our directors meetings. Now the reason I bring this up is the fact that for us it is great to be able to sit in bed and look out a window at the scenery. In our rig we can do this. Especially when we were parked on the beaches in Mexico, we just loved this time of the day.

So if you are going to get into the Full Time RV Lifestyle then you will really want to think this through. Will the rig allow you to do things that you really like to do. As I said in other articles the RV is your new home, you have to look for a new home, not an RV when you are making your choice.

Salesmen will tell you all the features and benefits of a particular RV, don’t let yourself be pushed into an emotional buying decision. Put yourself in the same position you would be if you are buying a brick and mortar house. What would you be looking for, look for the same things in the RV.

Remember flash and polish does not a comfortable house make. It is amazing but you will find that if you ask the salesman to leave for an hour or so, and then just spend some time in the rig imagining yourself doing some of the things that you do everyday, you will quickly see if the particular RV that you are looking at will work for you. Give yourself time to get by the emotion, and think practical. You can reform an emotional attachment to the outcome once the decision has been made.

Many people have made emotional buying decisions in regard to RV’s since it was a totally new field to them. They would not have done the same thing with a house since they have been around houses all their life, they know what they are looking for. Just keep this in mind when you are looking for that perfect RV.

Our RV When We First Bought It

Our RV When We First Bought It

The picture on the right shows what our RV looked like on the day that we bought it. Today it would seem outdated, but it has been a very comfortable home for us for over 10 years. We bought this unit for only $30,000 so our home expenses have basically worked out to $3,000 per year. To me this is an extremely economical price for a comfortable home that I can take with me anywhere.

What do I Want to do in my Rig as a Full Time RV’er

You may wonder what it is you are going to do in your RV, once you become a full time RV’er. Well that is an easy question to answer. You are going to do all of the same things you like to do now. Always remember that when you move into an RV as a Full Time RV’er that you are not actually moving into an RV at all but actually moving into a home on wheels. If you move, it does not mean that your interests are going to change.

If you had a hobby before becoming a full timer, you will have the same hobby after. If you loved TV and movies, you will still like TV and movies. If you loved to entertain you will still want to do that.

With that in mind you will have one more criteria that you can use when looking for that perfect RV for full timing. That criteria is can I still enjoy what it is I like to do in my new home.

If you were looking at a new house, you would be looking at it with an eye to continuing to do what you like to do. I would suggest that you view any potential RV’s in the same way. For example if you love to quilt, can you work around the table comfortably. If you love to watch TV and movies, can you comfortably sit and watch the TV without getting a crook in the neck. If you like to cook and entertain, is there enough room, and is the kitchen area set up in such a way that you can do this.

All The Comforts Of Home

All The Comforts Of Home

In closing I would say that if you are looking at an RV to full time in, do not look at it as an RV at all but rather look at it as a new home. You will start to look at RV’s from a different perspective when you make that switch.

The perfect RV is out there. Arm yourself with your requirements and happy hunting.